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All links are listed on the basis of their contents at the time for my visit. Their respective webmasters have the full responsability for the contents.

Most links to pages in Swedish are available at the Swedish link page.

If you are searching for a specific subject, please use the browser's find-function.

Official Disney Sites

Disney Online International
The entertainment company's web sites around the world.
Aku Ankka
The official site of the weekly Finnish comic Aku Ankka. In Finnish only.
Anders And & C:o (Danish), Donald Duck (Norwegian), Kalle Anka & C:o (Swedish)
The official sites of the scandinavian weekly Disney comics, all made by Egmont.
Bruce Hamilton Company (Gladstone)
Gladstone was the publisher of American Disney comics during the late 1980s and most of the 1990s.
Micky Maus
The German weekly Disney comics magazine.
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Donaldistic Sites

Comics & Comics Creators

See also the Specialized fan sites section.
A Guidebook to the Carl Barks Universe
A high quality site about the duckmaster Carl Barks.
Aku Ankan taskukirjat
A database over the Finnish pocket-comic-books. In Finnish only.
Andeby Online
Unofficial site. In Norwegian only.
Australian Disney comics
With cover pictures and information about the history of Australian Disney comics.
Calisota Online
Dedicated to the state of Calisota, the place the ducks call home. With some interesting maps. Site retired, but still available.
With info about Carl Barks' oil paintings and prints.
DCML-pages, the
The Disney Comics Mailing List's official site, moderated by NAFS(k) member Per Starbäck.
The history of the Dutch weekly comics Donald Duck.
Dedicato a Claude Marin
A dedication to comics artist Claude Marin. The page is part of the Luciano Gatto Home Page (see below).
Disney Comics Worldwide
An excellent guide to the world's Disney comics and publishers, even though the Swedish facts are a little old.
Don Rosa - The New Duckmaster - Uusi Ankkamestari
About Don Rosa in Finnish and English.
Site dedicated to the work of comics creator Don Rosa.
"A site dedicated to the greatest living Duck-artist Don Rosa"
Frank's Walt Disney Comics Page
Pages about the comics.
Grimble Gromble's Carl Barks page
A tribute to the master of the Ducks - Carl Barks
HTML BarksBase
A very informative site about Carl barks and his works.
Il Papersera
An Italian site about Disney publications in Italy.
The main database over Disney comics published.
Jakob's Disney Comics Webpage
A Swedish Donaldist's presence on the Web. With information about some of the Disney Comics artists.
La Bibliothèque De Donaldville
About the French Disney comics magazines Le Journal de Mickey and Picsou. In French only.
Le journal de Mickey
About the French Disney comics magazine.
Luciano Gatto Home Page
About an Italian comics artist. In Italian only.
Mutilated Barks in Sweden
A small but interesting page about the Swedish "censoring" of Bark's comics.
Of Mice and Ducks
With information about the ducks and mice of Disney.
Picsou Magazine
Fan site about the French Disney comic books.
Romano Scarpa - Un artista inusitato
About the Italian Duck artist Romano Scarpa. In Italian.
Scrooge McDuck
The (semi)official site for Don Rosa's work with $crooge McDuck.
Suomalaiset ankistit - Finnish Donaldists
A good page for all Finnish Donaldists. In Finnish, but there's an English section too.
A collection of interesting essays about such things as religion in Duckburg, the Junior Woodchucks, and artist Marco Rota. (Also info about the Asterix comics.)
Website on Carl Barks
With info on Carl Barks and an area dedicated to the ducks. In Danish and English.
Wilma van den Bosch
A page about comics writer and artist Wilma van den Bosch. In Dutch and English.

Movies, TV Series & Shorts

For specific TV Series see also the Specialized fan sites section.
A large German site with lots of info about the animated movies.
The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts
Information about the classic short cartoons made by Disney.
Ken's complete list of Disney's Animated Classics
A very good site about the classic animated movies.

Multipurpose & Miscellaneous

D-Zone, the
An exellent site with lots of contents, such as a very large and well done who's who site with facts about the Disney comic characters. My favourite section is the big HooZoo listing of characters.
DDF(R) - Dansk Donaldist-Forening
The Danish Donaldist Society.
Site in Swedish and English - this site, actually - with references to the modern Disney tv-cartoons (Especially the one's broadcast in Sweden.), feature movies and to some extent comics.
Disney Books
A listing of books on the subject Disney.
About stamps with Disney motives.
Disney History Network
A high class collection of articles and interviews.
Disney Zone
General info about different things Disney. In Polish.
The German Donaldistic association.
Mickey News
A very nice site with lots of information and news about most things Disney.
Nationella ankistförbundet i Sverige (kvack). (The National Donaldist Society of Sweden (quack).)
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Fan Sites (general and multi-purpose)

Animated Heroines
A fan site for Disney's female characters such as Ariel, Belle and Esmeralda. Some non-Disney characters too.
Juan F. Lara's home page
With links to a lot of good disney-related pages.
Lar's Studio
Lots of fan art depicting various character from the Disney Afternoon tv-series.
Whatsits Galore's Disney Page
A Disney fansite in general.
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Specialized Fan Sites

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Welcome to Agrabah...
About Aladdin: the Series, the tv-episodes. A good site with serious info about the tv-series.


Bonkers is on now!
A Bonkers site. Excellent in both design and contents. Earlier known as Bonkers is on now!

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

The Acorn Cafe
A messageboard for CDRR fans.
CDRR Headquarters
Very large site with lots of good things. In Russian and English.
Chat Pack Lighthouse
A Yahoo group for CDRR fans and furries in general.
Disney's Rescue Ranger Internet Resources
A very good CDRR fan site with quality info about the show.
The Foxglove Feature
A big fan site about the female bat Foxglove who appeared in one of the CDRR episodes.
FoxHound's Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers Fanpage
Fan comics and picture gallery.
Indy's Ranger Museum
The one place to visit for CDRR history!
Internet Gadget Archives, the
An excellent classic site with pictures and stories featuring Gadget (in Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers).
Johan's Rescue Rangers Pages – a.k.a. Under the Ranger Tree
My own (Johan's) Ranger site with a listing of CDRR comic stories and some info about the Swedish version of the show.
joneScientific at Tripod
With a fan comic and some more stuff.
Munks and Friends
Fanfics and fanart.
Pistachio! Framwinkle's Rescue Ranger page!
With fan art and more nice things.
Rangerphile Directory Index
A rangerphile address book.
Rescue Ranger Roadhouse
Fanart, fanfics, and Dutch-to-English retranslations.
RR Calendar
The RR Calendar by Ray Jones now has its own site. Very nice!
RRDatabase, the
A very good fan site with a lot of stories, links, art, etc. Now under new management.
Tanka's CDRR Art Page
With a big multilanguage list of names, episode bloopers and very nice art.
World Association of Montyphiles, the
For everyone that loves Monterey Jack.
Zanzibar's CDRR Forums
Zanzibar's CDRR Page
Big RR fanfiction archive. (Old address)

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck Den
A Darkwing fan page.
The Negapage
Darkwing Duck fansite.

Disney's Animated Movies

Walt Disney Feature Animation FanSite, the
With information about the feature movies as well as the studios producing them.

Disney Parks

Disneyland Paris (Eurodisney) - The Internet Guide Book (Unofficial)
A very advanced private site about Disneyland Paris. In German and English.
Filip's Disneyland Paris Picture Pages
Info about Disneyland Paris.
Orlando Tourist Information Bureau
A comprehensive Orlando vacation information and travel guide. Discounted vacation reservations, tickets, tours, hotels, condos and more.

Donald Duck

Arabic Disney Comics
The only page I've seen focusing on that particular subject. In Arabic.
Donald Duck - Sinnige Sentenzen und windige Weisheiten
Duck citations from the German comics.
A Dutch fan site dedicated to Gyro Gearloose's little Helper. In Dutch.
$crooge's Money Bin
Funny easy-going fansite that specialises in Duckburg and Scrooge McDuck.

Ducktales, etc.

The Disney Ducks Webpage
Duck fansite.
Life is like a Hurricane - DuckTales Web Site
With stuff regarding DuckTales.

Gummi Bears

A Gummi Bears fan site with song lyrics, some scripts, pictures, sounds and more. In English or Russian.
A rather good Gummi Bears fan site.

Lion King, the

French Lion King and Balto page, the
A french homage to the Lion King movies. With examples of some of the songs in French.
Lion King-Kublia's Pride Lands, the
A Lion King fansite.
Lionking WWW Archive, The
Excellent unofficial Lion King site.

Mickey Mouse

Hidden Mickeys of Disney
Dedicated to the hidden Mickeys in the parks and movies. A lot of other information too.
Molecular Expressions: The Silicon Zoo - Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse in micro art.


Magical Music of the Mouse, the
A site dedicated to the Disney music. With links to many midi files.
Song Lyrics
A collection of song lyrics.

Paperinik (PK) (a.k.a. Duck Avenger)

Ducklair Network
Test your knowledge about Super-Donald's world in PK New Adventures. In Italian only.
Paperinik il Diabolico Vendicatore
Dedicated to Donald's alter ego Paperinik. Yet only in Italian.
PK Home Page
About Paperinik (Super-Donald) - in Italian. Pages haven't been updated since 1997.

Picture Collections

Pics of Disney characters. (Formerly Aaron's Disney Clipart Collection.)


Clear Skies
TaleSpin fan site (sort of, anyway).
Don Karnage; Mystery and Intrigue
Site dedicated to Don Karnage, favourite villain of TaleSpin fame. The site is closed, but still available.
Molly's Suite: Her Non-Official Fan Site
A fan site dedicated to Molly E Cunningham of TaleSpin fame. In English, French, German, Flemish and Portuguese!
Pirate Island
For those who love Don Karnage in particular and TaleSpin in general. Site officially retired, but still available.
TaleSpin Collectibles
Nice structured site about TaleSpin merchandize, fanfics, and other things as well. Also home of the TaleSpin Webring.
Tale Spin: High Flight
TaleSpin fan site with long fan fiction story. (Old address)
Talespin Webring
The TaleSpin Webring index page.
TaleSpin Wings
A small TaleSpin site maintained by the very same person that's maintaining this page. Mainly a listing of the comics and some Swedish version info. Earlier known as Ravenwood's Workshop.
Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Home Page, the
A very good site about Kit Cloudkicker, one of the main characters in Disney's tv-show TaleSpin.

Walt Disney (the person)

Just Disney
A site dedicated to the commemoration of the 100th birthday of Walt Disney - and as such praising Disney and his work.

Winnie the Pooh

Rowini's Winnie the Pooh Bear Club
A great Pooh site that is part of a bigger bear-themed site. Lots of pictures and other stuff, such as a collection of desktop icons with Winnie the pooh and friends.


W.i.t.c.h. Magazine
The official Italian site for the comics. In Italian only.

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Art Bin, the
Swedish site about the art of comics (and other arts too). English edition available.
Carl Barks
Videosamples of an interview with Carl Barks. In Italian.
Big commercial site with cartoons, comics, art and more. In German and English.
Enchanted Images
About cartoon art in general, but with good info on some duck artists.
Galerie Laqua
Sells original comic art.
Gremlin Animation Online
Company that sells original animation art.
Illustrator Biographies
A site with information about a lot of artists, including some Disney comics artists.
Internet Movie Database
About movies in general.
Keyframe - the Animation Resource
General news and info about animated cartoons and animation.
Commercial site with a comiclopedia over a big number of comics creators.
LMB Media Productions
Here you can listen to parts of an interview with Carl Barks (for free).
Seriejournalen Online
Danish magazine about danish comic-creators and their comics.
Swedish commercial site with Disney movie posters, comics, etc. for sale. In Swedish and English.
Toons and Beyond
American comics store with a good selection of both old and new comics.
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